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Assisting you in preparing your car for any level of competition

Converting a street car into a race car means more than simply adding a safety cage. Every aspect of the car needs to be evaluated for reliability, safety, performance and comfort. ProTune can assist you in preparing your car for any level of competition from Time Attack, Rally to Drifting.

Driving a car on a race track involves a certain amount of risk and there's always the possibility that something could go wrong. Fortunately, safety technology in the racing industry is a competitive market which means there are a lot of products available to help keep you safe in the event of an accident. Pro Tune can help get your car equipped with things like fire suppression systems, master power disconnect switches, racing seats, window nets, roll cage padding, and safety harnesses. 

Not only safety, but the right components makes all the difference out on the race track. We can help you install high performance brake systems, suspension systems, engine components and upgrade your cooling system. We can also help guide you in making decisions based on reliability, and not just maximum performance.